Friends by Choice
​​​​​Friends by Choice is the first mental health peer support service in Houghton Regis which aims to provide help and support to individuals who are experiencing mental health & well-being challenges, that are most socially isolated and vulnerable in our community. Friends by Choice provides adults living with a mental health diagnosis, indluding Dementia, with the opportunity to engage in their local community in a creatve and non-judgemental environment. ​​
This group is user-led, and participants are encourgaed to drive and steer the direction of the group with the support of Meaningful Education staff.

Frriends by Choice offers a range of activities to support, enable individuals to come together, and to support one another on their experiences of a mental illness. Participants come together in an environment where they can feel safe, understood, and feel included to be a part of a thriving community that lends support to working out shared solutions to reduce their sense of lonliness and isolation via a supoortive network while being treated with Dignity & Respect.

Attendance is subject to £2 per participant which will go towards refreshments each week, new activities and special events, first session Free.
The group runs every Tuesday from 10am - 12pm at The Sandringham Hub, Houghton Regis, LU5 5UP.
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