Bedfordshire Dignity Network

"We want Bedfordshire to be recognised as a place where everyone is treated with dignity and respect; creating a dignified community for an improved quality of life for all!"

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The BDN aims to create a proactive approach to preserve dignity within the community by;

  • Raising awareness of the importance of dignity and the impact when it is mistreated.

  • To inspire professionals to share good practice and contribute to transforming services

  • To encourage and support local people to take action to improve the quality of life within their communities.

  • To recognise and reward those individuals and groups that make a difference by 'going the extra mile'.

  • To Inspire inter-generational projects using a co-production structure. Members steer the direction of the network with the support of Meaningful Education CIC - Founders of The BDN.

We welcome and invite individual members of the community, groups and organisations to join the Network. We are keen to learn what others are already doing to promote dignity within their environment. As a network we share experiences, thoughts and ideas; Members will create an Action Plan for the implementation of positive change. There are many small steps that we can take that can have a big impact on improving people's lives.

Network meetings are held Quarterly, the topics discussed will be initiated and agreed by the members of the group.

Welcome New Members Bedfordshire Police Community Cohesion Team.

Welcome New Members Bedfordshire Police Community Cohesion Team.


Every individual has a need for purpose and a right to be a valued member of their community. Dignity is an important part of our daily lives and when neglected can be impactful on our well-being. Become a dignity champion, in an environment that is inclusive and where everyone is equal.  Help to build community cohesion with dignity. 


A life of dignity means you are as valuable and important, worthy and wanted, as any other human being. It means, fundamentally, that you matter. And when you believe you matter, then you know that your voice matters, Your relationships matter, And your actions matter. 

You have the confidence to act.

You know you will make a positive impact, working with others to transform your community into one where understanding, compassion and kindness triumph. You can be a change maker, Or what we call a Dignity Champion!

Our previous Junior Dignity Ambassadors speaking about the importance of Dignity at a Housing Conference.

Our previous Junior Dignity Ambassadors speaking about the importance of Dignity at a Housing Conference.


Are you aged between 7-11? Why not become a Junior Dignity Champions? Creating a dignified youth movement of inspiring role models, leading by example promoting, Respect, Manners, kindness,  and to bring about transformation and change. The Junior Ambassadors help and support junior dignity champions to have an active role in their community by taking part in exciting community projects, activities, events, workshops and much more! 


If you would like to become a member, please download the membership form and return it to the email address below with the subject; 

'Bedfordshire Dignity Network Member':