Are you feeling

Lost, Unfulfilled or Incomplete?

Knowing that you are unhappy, and feeling lost or overwhelmed with your life as it is, can be extremely frustrating and leave you with much sadness. Knowing there is more to life, but not knowing what you want or how to achieve it is a great source of anxiety. With Coaching I can help you access that inner wisdom, to get answers, guidance and direction.  Straight from the source.


  • Coaching and Mentoring on a Group or One to One basis.

  • Coaching and Mentoring Programs, Training & Packages.

  • Meditation & Mindfulness Programs and Delivery for Service Providers.

  • Meditation & Mindfulness Programs and Delivery for Workplace Well- being.

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Morning Meditation...

Morning Meditation...

Meditation & Mindfulness

Passionate about the benefits of Meditation for many years.  Successfully achieving my mission to bring Meditation into the Mainstream.  Delivering Meditation and Mindfulness sessions in a Down to Earth straight forward way. 
Corporate, Community and Online Learning. 

"Nicola’s teaching method is very relaxed, friendly and informal. I’ve made some lovely new friends with like minded people. Definitely a 20 out of 10 from me too..... and I was a bit sceptical to start with, but I can’t recommend it highly enough, Thank you Nicola." 


"Nicola has helped me so much, I have learnt how to control my stress, sleep better and feel so much calmer . She is so chilled and relaxed as soon as she starts talking I'm off on another planet. What more can you ask for a lovely relaxing hour with great people and the best teacher."

Coaching & Meditation 

Specialising in helping you to listen within to your own wisdom and guidance.  Developing your own Spirituality and creating the life that is right for you and your soul.  
Experienced in working with women struggling with Anxiety, Career Changes and Mum's needing to gain some "me" time. 

"I've only had one session and was completely unsure what to expect (laying on the floor covered with a blanket) no! sitting on a chair in a comfortable position in calm, relaxed very friendly surroundings. I was made to feel so welcome and at ease from the moment I stepped into the hall. Nicola what can I say, such a calming voice and a very caring and understanding nature, feel like I already know you well. Thank you so much for a first session, left feeling so calm and relaxed, best I've felt in ages!  Roll on Saturday morning, can't wait!"  


Nicola Richardson - Author of upcoming book:  Natural Mystic (Down to Earth & Spiritual)

Nicola Richardson - Author of upcoming book:

Natural Mystic (Down to Earth & Spiritual)


Writing intuitively with guidance from Spirit.  In particular my Spiritual Guides Red Mountain and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.  Sharing wisdom and guidance.
Blogging about my observations on life and experience.

Up coming Book - Natural Mystic (Down to Earth & Spiritual) 

Book Launch Coming soon! - Pre-Order for January 2019